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Nokia E63 Shutdown Animation

Beven Loney has been creating artwork since 1995 and has amassed quite a portfolio of his own work in a variety of mediums, including Pencil on paper, Digital Image Creation, Wood Carving, Stone Carving and Photography. After many years of struggling with being a unique individual with a very vivid imagination and desperately wanting to just be "NORMAL", Beven finally came around to the realisation that the very uniqueness, that caused so much grief, for so many years, would finally become an asset that would propel his artistic career into formation and success.

After many years working with Photoshop, Beven has become highly adept at manipulating, modifying and creating images in the electronic medium. Loney designs could be the answer to your company logo, webpage, business card, or even mobile phone wall paper design as a method of creating brand name recognition and business promotion.
The above animation has been designed for a Nokia E63 as the still wallpaper and shutdown animation for my own phone. If you click on the animation it will take you to the page that has the instructions on how to install and setup on a Nokia E63

Beven in front of Art

This is the long standing masterpeice, that has already become, and will for many years be recognised as Beven's "Signature Creation." It is from this set of drawings, that the animation that decorates the left side of every page of this site,was created. It was the creation of this series of drawings that inspired Bevens passion to take up the tools of creation and enabled him to freely express the bottled up emotions and thoughts that had spent years being suppressed. Being of and extremely Psychedelic nature it was always destined to be an animated distortion of the balance between positive and negative forces found in this universe.

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