A Little Bit About the Man behind Loney Designs

Beven Loney has been creating artwork since 1995 and has amassed quite a portfolio of his own work in a variety of mediums. After many years of struggling with being a unique individual with a very vivid imagination and desperately wanting to just be "NORMAL", Beven finally came around to the realisation that the very uniqueness, that caused so much grief, for so many years, would finally become an asset that would propel his artistic career into formation and success.

Still a troubled individual, the ability to express his emotional state through a piece of art has given him an outlet that no other therapy could provide, although in the begining, the things that manifested in his art gave him as much trouble as the emotions that inspired them. After many years, and a little more perspective (both in the art and life in general) the desperate urgency to understand what it all means has been downgraded to a mild entertainment at the workings of the universe, with an easier acceptance of his place in it.

Beven has been a regular participant in the "Schizophrenia Awareness Week" annual art exhibition hosted by the Mental Health Fellowship of Queensland in mid-May each year, having sold a number of his artworks through this avenue, both to local and international buyers, Beven continues to create and display his art where ever possible. Beven hopes to reach a wider audience, than ever before, with this site.