Instructions for putting this animation on to your Nokia E63 as wallpaper and Shutdown Animation

First Save these two images to you computer then transfer either via bluetooth (If you have the technology) or using the Data Transfer cable. Hopefully your upto speed with how to do this if not find a friend who can help you
(or if your viewing this on your phone save directly to memory).

This is the still Image

Nokia E63 Wallpaper

It can be used as the background wallpaper if you use the settings right the Clock, Bluetooth, WLAN availablity, Keypad lock and Text Message Notification will fit neatly into the dark corners of the wallpaper and still be quite visible.

Just find image in memory (Hopefully you know where you put it)

Select Options
Select Use Image
Select Set as Wallpaper

You will now have this as the background for your phone.



This is the Shutdown Animation

Nokia E63 Shutdown Animation

This needs to be set by going to

Select Tools
Select Themes
Select Power Saver
Select Animation

(now we need to work with a few settings here)

for Animation File Press
Select Options
Select Change
Select the file called


Change the Animation Time-Out to 15 Seconds

Change the Light time out to 14 Seconds

(Hope you find many hours of entertainment from the use of this work)


Note: Exception to Copyright Statement Below

Loney Designs retains the right to be recognised as the creator of this animation and has authorised the free use of this work for the purpose of promoting LoneyDesigns among the public.
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